I am now giving a devlish grin to my brothers in other four metros where CAS has been brought in from this new year. When CAS was introduced in chennai the part which was worrying me was why only chennai should suffer. Now all are suffering but the optimism shown by some saying CAS would be rolled back gives me creeps. If it is rolled back only in the three metros and if it continues in chennai alone it will be heartbreaking but only consoling fact is chennai will be more westernised atleast with respect to cable television. DTH will pick in chennai than other cities. I heard Sun plans to become pay channel (dont know if it has already become one) this will force many in chennai to move to CAS or DTH.

I still remember the days when Eknaath video guys gave one page advt in Hindu about 100 channels for some XXX Rs. Finally they surutified all the money. Gone are the days we now have solid players. With Tata-Sky JV it is only going to become better.

Here in UK I dont have cable but when I checked out at my friends I was happy to find they had a dedicated channel for horror genre. Hope the CAS and DTH will offer us more in terms of variety. Whatever the number of channels we are going to have the fact will be we wont be spending more than minute in one channel. Our fingers will keep working.

One thing about our mind is it will keep wanting for something which it doesnt have. I have a huge collection of DVDs. I bought each of those DVDs with high excitement but after sometime when I browse through the collection to watch a movie I will find each one as not fit for watching and drool over some DVD at HMV website. With this attitude 1000 channels will not satisfy a man's hunger for variety.


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