Basically I have a strong aversion to violence in real life. Though violence in Cinema does affect me but not to the point as the real life violence. I get disturbed when I watch two people fighting verbally. With such being the case I watched the last minutes if Saddam few days back about which I wrote here. That footage which just showed till the noose being put on Saddams neck affected me a lot.

After not having learnt the lesson from watching the footage I dared to watch another clip which showed the actual execution. The thing that prompted me to watch that video was the news that appeared yesterday in Hindu and few other websites. The sites reported that the people who executed Saddam behaved rudely with him just before execution but to the contrary the first video footage only showed everything appearing calm. So I decided to watch the second clip.

According to the new item the verbal confrontation between Saddam and the others happened before he was brought inside the execution chamber. I couldnt find that clip but instead watched the actual execution itself. This clip starts almost where the first clip ends but from a different angle. After watching it till the end it generated in me a sense of nausea.

Saddam is seen brave till the end. I could here he talking something (which the news paper reports something like Palestine is Arab, long live iraq). In a second everything is over. It's hard to comprehend how people in that room are able to witness such acts from such close quarters.

Punishments to some extent has brought in discipline in this world which otherwise would have been hooligans paradise but whether capital punishments achieve their purpose is a big question.

I remember reading Auto Shankar's last moments in Nakkeeran. Though he was a serial killer before getting arrested his last moments before the hanging were as sad as any other killing he committed.

How can man kill another man? What has got into him? Whether it was the killings committed by Saddam or killing of Saddam, is there a way out of this or is it too late to turn back? Only GOD can answer.


Nithya said…
Too good!!! Especially last paragraph.
Dan said…
Thanks Nithya.
Praveen said…
Dan, pls watch the movie "The Life of David Gale" - It's a movie on capital punishment...
Dan said…
heard about this movie. will see it. also the chamber by grisham was also a movie which dealt on this subject.

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