People go to Ooty, Kodaikanal, Shimla or Goa to have a good time. I have also seen people enquiring about what to visit in Rameshwaram, Kanyakumari. I have also seen people going to Mayajaal or Marina to enjoy.

We must have also notice people buying cone ice and cup ice eagerly to enjoy the taste. Some people even prefer Baskin & Robbins to Hagen Daz. For a poor child the ice cream vendor who stands outside the school gate during lunch time is like GOD. The child eagerly waits for the lunch time quickly finishes its lunch and runs to the icecream guy and asks for a kuchi ice and devours it like a Lion devouring its prey. While enjoying the taste it also enviously looks at another child who bought a different ice cream with semiya(noodle) in it.

Some people prefer Whisky while some dismiss it and go for Vodka with Lime.

Going back to the first paragraph how will Ooty or Kodaikanal or Rameshwaram feel for a resident pichaikaran (beggar)? Will he enjoy those place?

In the second Para What about the guy who is selling the ice cream? Will he enjoy the ice cream as much as the ones who buy from him? When the child asks for a Paal ice cream he bends down and searches for an ice cream through a small opening. What will be going on in his mind? Will his taste buds be longing to taste the ice cream?

In third para When a person order a Beer with chicken 65 as side dish will the bartenders taste buds be working overtime?

Why do I write this? When you read this will you feel the same feelings when I wrote this?


Praveen said…
somewhat similar to Tamil cinema jokes like A waiter eating his lunch in a hotel he doesn't serve in. All about safety factor :)

Good post again!

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