Pokkiri Vijay - 1

Nowadays it is very easy to come up with story for our young heros. Name them Vijay, Ajith, Vishal or Simbu it is easy to write a story for them. Suddenly these people stop doing films saying no good story available. Then they come up with a movie and you go and see that that the movie is nothing but old wine in new bottle. On this line here is a story outlined for our young heros. For you to picturise the happenings in your mind you can assume the hero as Vijay and heroine as Asin.

Now lets go to the movie.

The first scene opens with heavy rain. Very few people in road. We show our hero standing in queue to buy milk. He has a plastic bag in his hand and is holding an umbrella. After buying the milk he is walking home very innocently.

Then our camera zooms on to a roadside fruit vendor who is not feeling well but for his livelyhood selling fruits in that heavy rain. Now camera zooms on to three or four kaithadis of villain coming collecting maamool. They come to the sick vendor and ask for maamool.

"Sir mazhaiyaala neriya nashtam iniku boni aagale sir" he says.

"enna da sonne" the villain group throws away all the fruits in the road and one fruit hits our hero and the milk packet he had in his hand falls down and burts open. The milk splashes into our heros face with umbrella flying away in wind. His face is now mixed with rain water and milk. The background score becomes haunting at this point. He turns towards these hooligams and beats them black and blue.

Next scene hero comes home empty handed without milk packet and his dad Nasser scolds him.

"eanda oru paal packet olunga vaanga theriyale nee ellam enna padichu enna pana pore. Eanda rowdingaloda sandai pote"

Hero goes to his room and closes the door.

Through the window his friends (vadivel, vaiyapuri) calls him out.

"appa irukaru" hero says.

"chumma vaada" they say.

Hero joins his gang and a song starts. A folk song with all kind of gramathu dance.

inge cut panarom.


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