Pokkiri Vijay - 2

Read Part 1 here

After the mass song we directly move to Villains Den. He is angry because someone has beat his goondas black and blue.

"enna da ippdi adi vaangitu vandhu nikareenga vekama illae. yaar avan. naaliku ithey neram avan inge irukanum"

cut panarom nera next day morning porom.

Nasser wakes up Vijay "inikavuthu olunga poi paal vaangitu vaa"

Camera now trys to capture the athigalai chennai beautifuly. As our hero comes out he hears a song and yes intro of heroine singing a song in that early morning. Camera focuses on morning dew, sun rays, the calmness of chennai. Hero falls flat for heroine. Song ends Heroine also comes to buy milk since hero was keen watching heroine he didnt notice milk was over in the shop and they closed it.

He is now afraid of his father so he pleads to milk vendor but he says no. Herione feels sorry for him and "en kite rendu cover iruku onu neenga eduthukonga"

Hero all smiles goes to take it and just then a maruti van comes. ten people get down from it and put black cloth over hero and takes him inside van and vanish.

Herione now is dumbstruck.

inge cut panarom.


cowey said…
en kite rendu cover iruku ....Ha ha haha... I could not control laughing...h ahhahah... amazing dialogue of the year...
Dan said…
cowey ethuku ippdi sirikarar nu enaku theriyalenga

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