Life has become nothing but a futile exercise of wealth gathering. The activity has percolated to such an extent that the only thing we do in our life is to gather wealth.

If you observe a dove it does not eat when it is hungry it just keeps eating always, whether it is hungry or not. The moment it finds a piece of bread it devours it like a beast.

Man has also become like that. The only thought that runs through his mind is how to gather more weatlh? How to prevent wealth loss? What should I store and save for future?

By this he wastes most of his presentense and also dies without enjoying the vast wealth he gathered to enjoy.

There are people who buy things more than they can use. Take any middle class family it will have in its loft hundreds of unused vessels but there are people who doest have a container to drink water. If a middle class can hide so much of unused wealth what about the rich and elite?

We buy a ground in sholinganallur and another in singaperumal koil and we know for sure we can live at only one place at any time then why do you need two grounds? There are people whose entire life they spend in street platforms. You spend thousands on DVDs and home theaters when there are people who cant afford doctors for lack of few hundred rupees.

I want money. I want more money. All I want is money. Isn't there anything else in this world to spend time on? The thought about parents also results only in money. What insurance should I take for them? How much money should I give them everymonth? Do they need such a big house? When we keep wondering about these things there are 1000's of old people dying without proper care.

I keep reading in news papers about people who need 1 lakh rupees to save their sick child or sick adult. The people who read those advts have lakhs invested in banks, bonds and shares which cannot be used for any purpose. They will remain as papers or in this age data and will remain as data without helping anyone who is in need.

The imbalance in the society is too much to bear.

Unless otherwise we come out of the magic spell of money we wont know what we were missing.

There was one video clip on New York. This clip showed how New York looked when there was a blackout. Only then people looked at how the world was around them. They walked instead of taking tube. The entire New York looked new to them. We can experience this in our city. When the electricity goes off we can see people on streets. People see who is living in their neighbourhood. They talk to them. Children come out to play in the streets. Only when the plug is pulled comes the realisation. The moment the plug was on all goes back to old stage.

Money is the plug which is now driving the entire world. We need to pull the plug on it.


Balaji S Rajan said…

A happy new year. Very thoughtful post. I have thought the same many years. Where is an end to this?
Kittu said…
dan maams,
money naalae many problems . blood sucking insect maadhiri dhaan idhuvum..
Kavi said…
A very thoughtful post ! And indeed an interesting observation about power cuts and communication ! I cant help agree with you more ~

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