Everybody will remember Vijayshanthi who played a memorable role against Rajni in Mannan. Sometime back there were news she was campaigning for BJP as did our own Gouthami. Today I read in hindu that she is the president of a political party which means she has started a political party. It makes me wonder from where people get the guts to start political parties. For long the trend is if your movie runs well then you are eligible to start a political party. One thing which we fail to notice is though many tried only very few succeeded and among those who succeeded only very few involves in active politics. Once they get elected they are not scene in news till the next election.

The pinnacle of that was the recently over TN election where almost the entire film fraternity was in politics and made a joke out of themselves. This is not a phenomenon which haunts India alone. Lot of Hollywood people do participate in their country's politics.

If there is one person who failed to use his fame to come to politics the only name that crops up into my mind is Rajnikanth.


There is a television program which is very famous in UK called the 'Big brother'. ITs about putting some 10 people together in a room and telecasting their activities to the entire world. The reason why I am talking about this program here is this time Indian actress Shilpa Shetty is inside the room. It is quite interesting to see how she acts as a normal human being. In this program Shilpa revealed her age (yes only age).


To end I also read in todays Hindu that a British national was relieved of his valuables in a local cinema in chennai. His camera and many other stuffs were stolen from him.


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