Four Things

Four Things that make me nervous listed not in any particular order

1) Injection - The mere thought of taking a shot makes me dizzy
2) Balloon - A person blowing balloon in front of me where I cant put my hands over my ears. It makes me very nervous just waiting for it to burst any moment
3) Deepavali Pattas - A cracker whose fuse fire has been just lighted but which doesnt burst. The fuse wire just giving few sparks and dies and we still dont know if it is going to burst or its a goner.
4) Stray Dogs - The thought of driving past stray dogs which I know for sure is going to chase me.


Anonymous said…
Few more things to add

1) Exams - It always makes one nervous
2) Certifications - The mere thought of one should complete reading so many meaningless pages itself makes one sick. I doubt if the people who set these syllabus can clear these exams first. They dump whatever they find as syllabus... to make it tough.
3) Attending meetings - that too with clients. You will be struggling to pick the words that they speak and you never understand a single word of what others talk and suddenly everyone will look at you waiting for your response. We wont be sure if some question is thrown at us... ridiculous situation :-(

Anonymous said…
Maams, please change the look and feel of the site.

Anonymous said…
Kool maams, thanks for changing the look n feel of the site. keep changing it every week.

The chennai island ground area looks good in the background.


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