Useless Jokes

Yesterday saw some clipping of kalaka povathu yaru in youtube. One guy was uttering some useless joke and the panel was laughing artificially. Also Vijay TV always inserts a group of people who laugh like maniacs inbetween those jokes. It could be clearly seen that those maniacs are not at all there in that studio. These TV channels think we are morons.

In the kalaka povathu yaruprogram the worst comperes I have seen are Pandiaraajan and cricketer Ramesh. Pandiarajaan's humor jells well only if he has a very good script otherwise his jokes are duds. Ramesh is a disaster. I dont know how they have a guts to take the stage.

Laughing for useless jokes is an art. Some people have perfected it. They laugh like hyenas at the right time and take home the name "he is a good guy". They never show tiredness in their face at all. People who havent mastered that art will take home the name "he is an introvert".

When few comedians are interviewed they are forced to reply wittily. They will try to be witty for questions like "unga full name enna?".


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