Shoe's nowadays plays an important role in many of our lives. The art of buying shoe's indeed an art. I remember the days when my parents used to take me to Bata showrooms to buy black shoes and then canvas shoes. Finding out the size of our legs always remained an interesting part in the whole exercise. The shopkeeper will pick a pair tie the lace with his own knack and will wear it in our feet.

Now my parents will ask me the most dreaded question. "Is it fitting correctly?".

It will be difficult to tell as the shoe will feel tight and loose at the same time. I will show a confused face and I will be asked to take few steps and see. I will try to walk but still I will be lost.

If I said the shoe was little loose the immediate answer from the shopkeeper would be that when I wear the socks it should be fine. If I say it is tight my parents will try to press the front of the shoe to see if they can find any empty space.

This is the same case after I have started buying the shoes myself. I can never judge if the shoes fit in perfectly easily.

There have been times when I had worn shoes which were smaller in size. The pain it gives cannot be explained in words.

On the otherhand currently I have a shoe which is little on the bigger side which comes with its own problems. As long as the lace holds tight I can manage to walk but once the lace loosens a little this shoe irritates to the core.

This irritation will be coupled by the fact of tieing the lace using fingers which are made numb by cold. Try that, you would prefer to swim with sharks than experiencing a loose shoe with numb fingers.


Anonymous said…

Coreeecta sonna da... I bought a shoe which was small.... I tried one day for office and it pained a lot. Couldnt return back to shop also. So bought another shoe. After a month, feeling some pain in the feet.. dunno if it is because of the shoe.

Buying a shoe is always a problem. :-(

Dan said…
may be there are no shoes for your feet size :-P

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