Thevai Oru Maapillai

Yesterday saw a Drama by S.Ve Shekar named Thevai oru Maapillai. A man spends most of his life looking for an escape route from his problems. One such escape route for me has been S.Ve Shekars drama. Whenever I have problems, his dramas provides me the necessary relief.

Coming back to this drama, may be this was telecasted in TV as a series but I dont remember seeing it. He has used along with his drama troupe ppl, chinni jeyanth, dileep, paandu, kovai anuradha, GK and many more tuesday TV drama specialists. Few of them are indeed talented and few of them irritates us to the core.

We can see that among those people many of them didnt even make it permanent in S.Ve Shekar's troupe. That is the success rate of those people.

Dileep is one guy who was given enough chances by KB, Visu and other directors but still couldnt raise up.

Kovai Anuradha we see his names in The Hindu Drama section and we have seen him in the earlier days of Sun TV. Other than that nothing much.

One thing is for sure that these Drama's does help us to get out of our problems temporarily.


Kittu said…
Ofcourse, laughter is the best medicine, S.Ve.Sekhar provides that for sure !
Anonymous said…
dei maams, dileeep semma actor da... vijay ku irukkara madhiri dileep ku backup irundhirundha dileep um periya aala vandhu ghajini, baasha nu pala padathula nadichu iruppanda.... avan paavam, chance kidaikalai. :-)

cowey said…

Dey..kozhuppu?? This is one of the foolish statement of this decade.

Dany neenga sollaradhu correctu Dany ;-)
Dan said…
i think dileep got his share but lady luck didnt smile on him

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