Million Dollar Baby

I bought the DVD of this movie when I heard about the story line. So I knew what was coming. When I saw it the first time it didnt impact me very much as I was prepared for what was coming. When I saw this the second time the impact was more than the first time for some reason.

A very clean movie with no unnecessary digressions. Even the music does not interefere with the movie. There are very few scenes where we can actually hear the music that too a very soft music. In all other scenes its just the natural sounds.

Clint Eastwood brigs out the punch of each boxing match very well and he has also exelled in other poignant scenes.

Though for such a heavy theme we dont see people crying except at the last scene in a church. Yes you need little patience to watch this movie due to its slow pace but I like such movies which take their own to time get on you.

A very good movie.


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