World Cup

I can read in media that the whole country has gone crazy over cricket World cup but I remain unaffected. I am still looking for a reason why I am not affected.

There were times in the past when I too got this fever. I am not good with years either so I cant tell you the year of the world cup. But the world cup which kept me more engrossed was the one where there was the More - Miandad clash, where SA was asked to score 22 runs in one ball.

The next WC which took my interest was the one where Aus and Srilanka clashed for the finals, where Kambli cried.

Other than the above two I cant think of any WC that took me by storm. The way media is trying to hype the WC sometimes makes me think its only hype and nothing more but I might be wrong.

Whoever is following the matches - happy viewing.


Balaji S Rajan said…

Miandad-More clash was it not a Sharjah Cup? I think so. My first world cup which took me crazy was the one in which India won 1983 and the next two times.
Dan said…
no balaji, it happened in 1992 WC in Australia.

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