PMK now wants to ban cricket for 5 years. In the recent past if we look closely PMK virtually wants to ban all entertainment.

1) All bars to be banned
2) Cigeratte smoking should be banned
3) Cricket should be banned
4) Cinema should be banned
5) Youth should be banned to go out after 8 PM
6) TV should be banned
7) Hindi should be banned
8) New chennai city development should not open.

At this rate he will ban smiling, laughing, being happy etc.

Note: All the above will be allowed if you are member of PMK

Great going Mr.Doss.


Balaji S Rajan said…
His party was the one who attracted the media by cutting trees and laying them on the road and blocking traffic. What a great idea it was! He has done so much to the environment. What else does he want to ban? BTW how is your experience of being back home?
Dan said…
My experience is the post next to this :)

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