150 CC Ba*t***s

Chennai is bustling with 150 CC Ba*t***s who care two hoots about other people in the roads. If we look at who is the reason for all the chaos in the roads the toppers would be Autowallahs and two wheeler riders. They always try to snake through the traffic not caring about anyone else on the road. According to them they are the only people in the road.

With the invent of powerful bikes (thanks to Bajaj) the scene in chennai roads have worsened. They ride in the roads like minnal taking a normal 100 CC or 50 CC two wheeler guys by surprise. Instead of Ramadoss (refer previous post) fighting for banning several things he cantake up the cause of banning bikes above 100 CC. With the kind of roads we have India is eligible to use only bicycle and nothing more than that.

Bajaj is planning to come up with even more powerful bikes. Its just a disaster (not for bajaj) waiting to happen.


Balaji S Rajan said…
I do not wonder why you are pissed off by these vehicles. Having been here, and visiting back this is the first thing which comes to our mind when we travel. The amount of risk these motorists take on the road is worrying. They make others life miserable too. It is very scary. I could not believe how I was riding two wheeler in Chennai?
Sarvam said…
Wild post
ganesh said…
So you have returned back to your home country. hmmm.

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