Sunday there was a news about an accident. The accident occured at Tambaram Sanitorium. According to The Hindu a guy was crossing the tracks and noticed two girls walking along another track without noticing an approaching train. In the eagerness to warn those girls he didnt notice a train which was coming on his track. Within seconds he was no more.

Life is not considered precious in India. 1000 accidents may happen but there wont be any prevention measures from the authorities.

I have seen a program in BBC where UK official were investigating a car accident. They were putting lot of effort to find out what could have caused the accident so that in future other people can be safe.

In India 1000's of accidents happens because of people crossing tracks. My house is very near to a track and I too used to cross these tracks. I have witnessed lot of accidents. As Indians basically have the mentality to follow certain things only if becomes a strict law, live's can be saved by enforcing laws and constructing pedestrian friendly overbridges. Otherwise we will be loosing many more lives like this.

Wordings written on the rear window of a car grabbed my attention yesterday.

It was written "So what? What Next?"


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