Weekend staying at home is becoming very tough with Chennai heat turned on. Somedays when the breeze takes pity on us we can survive but on those days when breeze stops we get cooked inside our rooms. When we were kids I dont remember complaining much about the heat. Infact we will always be in the street during peak summer.

One day's rain made the Madipakkam road into a slush. With pits dug for BAATHALA SAAKADAI the road was totally unusable. But the speeding morons speed whatever the condition of the road.

On the other roads taking OMR can be called suicide because its a definite death.
ECR is equivalent to Accident, chances of survival is there.
Madipakkam road is a safe bet as vehicles cant go beyond 3rd gear and 30 kms.

Suddenly I feel the cost of living in chennai has increased I dont know how others feel.


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