Political Equation

It will be interesting to see what developments, the problems which happened in TN political arena in the last few weeks, will bring to Tamilnadu politics. From the day I was able to understand politics it has always been DMK vs ADMK.

Sun TV which came became popular due to Anti Jaya wave and being the first Tamil satellite channel now has become orphan. Sun TV's name became synonymous with DMK and vice versa. Its going to be difficult for both of them. But for us the people we are in for some interesting changes.

The new channel to be launched will be a damp squib. I dont think people has more apetite for another Tamil channel.

Who will align with whom, who will win the coming elections everything is going to become unpredictable.

America which got caught in its own web of Afghanistan and Iraq, can be compared to whats happening in TN politics. The politicians are now caught in their own web of deceit, vengeance, corruption etc.

One thing is for sure, the change wont be free of corruption, violence but it will be a change.


Balaji S Rajan said…
We keep observing all the spiders getting caught in their own webs.

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