Bastard Drivers

A kid who went to school after the school reopened after vacations and the kids Dad died on the spot when a van driven by one those bastardly drivers(chennai is full of them) hit their cycle. The van went all the way to extreme right to take their life.

Chennai drivers have lost all the patience. When going in roads with no median (chennai is full of such roads) drivers who are going in one direction with the only aim of overtaking occupy almost the entire road leaving no room for drivers going in other direction. Dont worry about people going in other direction as they will do the same the moment they see some space on the right.

Where the hell are these morons hurrying? Pulsar idiots overtake us at 100 Km/hr in a road full of potholes and immediatly take a left turn or right turn. ? Idiots dont they have patience? Where the fcuk are they hurrying? They will be hurrying to meet a stupid friend of theirs in a near by tea shop to discuss about Namitha's structure. In that they disturb those who are riding in peace.

If given the power the first rule to be implemented is to shoot down any B**tard who tries to violate even the silliest traffic rule.

Because of these guys a ride which should have been peaceful becomes a tiresome journey to hell.

DMK govt has started playing with the helmet rule. Women and children pillion riders need not wear helmets. What? Does women and children have stronger heads? The helmet has become a object of mockery. If you follow the traffic rules helmets are not needed. But with the rule violating bastards occupying each and every corner of chennai even an iron helmet cant save a victim.


Balaji S Rajan said…

I understand your concern and I am with you. This is a topic which I have been talking, telling, writing, a lot. From your recent posts after reaching India, it is evident that you are irritated by the kind of chaotic traffic which exists in Chennai. It is land of ruthless drivers. Once a two wheeler rider was honking his horn which was so scary and I passed a comment, to see he was readily waiting to abuse me in the next signal. I had to use my knowledge in Word power and physically challenge for which they understood and sped away abusing me. The normal thing which I tell them is "Thambi romba nalla ottareenga.. Neenga yellam yen Cholavaram racekku poga koodathu...". As you said, I have felt many times to have a kind of needles filled gun, which should be aimed at their tyres and when fired should go and poke their tyres and make them immobile. Those who govern should have a good brain and be ruthless to law breakers. But I do not see such things happening in the near future. It is unexplainable when you get to know that you are fined for going overspeed, when you were going slow, and such monsters speeding and killing people. Oh.. what a shame.
Dan said…
one coincidence i always feel like telling those guys "wow beautifula otrepa romba beautifula otre hats off"
K praveen said…
Ramesh, indha post padichu sirichu siruchu..iyo..U have poured out ur frustration rightfully!

Pulsar idiots - lol!!!!!!

And on a serious note, I am 200% with you.

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