Sivaji - My view

This is my view (review) of the magnum opus Sivaji.

This was one movie for which we longed more to see it on the screen and everyday we were looking for bits of information about this movie. When few stills of the movie leaked some months ago it increased our expectation of the movie. Finally the wait was over and we got the chance to see The Boss in the screen.

With such tremendous expectations there was always a chance to fail but the first half of the movie made me sit in the edge of the seat. I enjoyed the first half.

The first half was full of a different kind of Rajni. A innocent, soft Rajni. The comical moments did invoke laugh. The whole episode of Pazhagalam vaanga and Fair & Lovely was hilarious. Shankar sets the stage to showcase a Rajni with Vengence in the second half. The scenes how Rajni loses the battle with the corrupt system was brought out very well. So just before the Interval when we see the Singam in the 1 Re coin we get the same goosebumps we got when we saw Rajni utter "Ulle po" in Baasha.

Now the second half opens and we find that Shankar shoves away logic and all things go Sivaji's way. In the first half Shankar shows the reality and in the second half the movie becomes a typical Rajni movie and Rajni wins handsdown.

The highlight of the movie is Rajni he has been shown in the best way. The songs Style and Adhiradi are the pick of the lot the Adhiradi was awesome.

We could see Rajni's age in few scenes during fights especially. But for a man aged 57 we can discount it. Shreya looks good and emotes well too.

Some other interesting episodes are the Music shop fight, Office room and Mottai Rajni.

My final take on the movie is a movie which should have come out differently because of Shankar - Rajni combination ends up as a usual Rajni movie (atleast the second half).


Balaji S Rajan said…

I was wondering where did you go? Why no comments or review about the most expected film from you? You were already talking about a lot when you were here. I knew you are a Rajini fan. Good that you have put a unbiased review.
Dan said…
thanks Balaji. did u see it in London?
niveditha said…
Appada... neengalum paathuteengala.. good good... and good review abt thalaivar... :)

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