Mobile Killers

I can understand when a car driver tries to use his mobile. He sits inside a closed unit happily and is not impacted by the chaos around him and so he is tempted to attend the call or make calls. But how come a guy riding a bike feels like using his mobile? That too I can understand if he uses it when the road is empty with no body in sight then you will be tempted to use the mobile as there are no inconveninces.

But what I see daily is in the Madipakkam road where the road is dug for baathala saakadai and which is no more a road people use their mobile. Because of this drainage work the road always has endless traffic jams and the rain for the past few days has increased the problem but when people are undergoing this agony I see guys balancing the bike and using their mobile, checking SMS etc.

The problem is these idiots ride the bike in zig zag way completely unaware of others behind him and they will someone who is riding carefully to fall into the baathala saakadai pit dug all around.

These morons should be hanged without trial.


Balaji S Rajan said…
LOL.. Chaotic traffics in Chennai suburb and another reason to mess with it. Even if the road is straight our guys cannot ride properly. Now that they have all this technology, and road repairs combining does nothing good than to give you a topic to put a post.

Those brainless idiots will never change.

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