This week I had the chance of watching two tamil movies which were released before 2004. One Thiruda Thirudi and another one Manmadhan.

Thiruda Thirudi is an ok movie. Nothing much to write about it.

Coming to Manmadhan, I am not a fan of Simbhu. I always felt he is just an imitation of Rajni. But despite the fact I am not his fan I have to admit he is an extremely talented actor. Though like Kamal he has added scenes just for the sake of showing of his acting histrionics, he has excelled in many scenes.

Considering the fact that he has authored, screenplayed and shadow directed the movie it is an achievement for his age.

The scene where he watches his brother through the window is highlight for his acting skills.

He is one person who has good potential but because of his offscreen negative matters reported by media not able to come up and garner support of the public.


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