A road that existed ..

Today I made the wrong decision of coming through OMR. I had no other choice so I made the decision and started from Palavanthangal. I came through Madipakkam road and before the hell (bathala saakadai) section began I turned towards the road which would take me to Velachery. After difficult ride in that road I joined the Velachery - Pallikaranai road and turned in the 100 ft road which would connect me with OMR at thoraipaakam.

This was one road which I admired 5 yrs ago when it was laied initially. But just within couple of months the road became a nightmare and I read one person died in a pit which was dug for a bridge. The pit which was enough to hold 5 elephants was dug immediatley after the road was laid and a temporary road was made through the marshes. The pit still remains and the bridge has not been completed yet. When I was thinking this was worse now I see they have started work on two more bridges on the same road making driving through this road a hell.

With just 1 mm of rain everyday these three points have become very dangerous spots but not for guys driving sumos and qualis as they honk behind you making you jump out of your bike into the slush.

Either the highways department is run by brainless retards or people who has their brains in #$%@#$%. Why the heck did they start two more bridge works when they were unable to complete the first bridge for 5 yrs. Mind it the bridge is only connecting the width of the road to enable water flow. If given this bridge can be cosntructed in a month with commitment.

Now the road is dug at three bloody places and every body is made to suffer.

I wish the government doesnt start any other development work as far as I know none of the development work has provided a relief instead made only life a nightmare. Kathipara, Chromepet, Nidhi school subway, OMR modification, Airport flyover none of these are showing any sign of completion. But these works has caused tremendous amount of confusion for everybody. Kathipara which was mentioned that it will be completed by end of April now they have given a new date that is end of this year. With monsoon starting in october if whole of chennaivaasi work on this project also it cant be completed. They just think of us as retards when they themselves are the biggest bafoons.

I am tired, I am fed up with this attitude of our guys.

Velachery service which should have started ages ago is being tested today. Hope all goes well and the line becomes operational. The new bridge they have constructed near Velachery station the lesser said the better. Not even a military truck can use the bridge.

I guess all these bureacrats has concrete instead of brain inside their skull.

Old Mahabalipuram Road as the name says has become one road which existed long time back.


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