The straight story

I watched this movie again after more than 1.5 years. I bought this movie after reading about it in Amazon. After first viewing I was not sure if I liked the movie or not though I badly wanted to like the movie.

The plot for the movie is very thin. An old man gets a call about his brother got a stroke. He and his brother hasnt been talking for years. Now he embarks on a journey to meet his brother. He travels around 500 miles by a lawn mower. The movie is about the people he meets on his journey, his rememberance of his past. Its a very slow moving movie which I liked.

There are many dialogues in the movie which stands out

1) Well, the worst part of being old is rememberin' when you was young.
2) You don't think about getting old when you're young... you shouldn't.
3) There's no one knows your life better than a brother that's near your age. He knows who you are and what you are better than anyone on earth. My brother and I said some unforgivable things the last time we met, but, I'm trying to put that behind me... and this trip is a hard swallow of my pride. I just hope I'm not too late... a brother's a brother.

The scene where Alvin drinks a beer after very long time is worth mentioning.

The ending of the movie is good, though the director had a chance of ending it in a sad note he chose to end it on a postive note.

If you are a fan of watching meaningful movies dont miss this.


I'll add it to my Netflix queue. Thanks for pointing us a wonderful movie.
Dan said…
thanks for visiting gopi. again i tell you it s a slow movie about a 73 old year man.
Yes, that's OK. I like watching such kind of movies.. so I think I'll be able to handle it. :)
sounds interesting. "The scene where Alvin drinks a beer after very long time is worth mentioning."...Kalakku machan..shall see it now.
Dan said…
hope you two like the movie

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