Goodbye - Benazir

Last year around same time Saddam Hussien was hanged and this year it is Benazir. Death in itself is a sad thing but unnatural deaths such as this are very tragic. Especially when they show the last moments of the person it is hard to believe that the person is dead. For Benazir they show a photo of her waving to the people through the opening at the top of her car. Within few seconds she is no more.

Why did she come back to Pakistan? She could have stayed peacefuly wherever she was. Looks like she came only to die at the hands of whoever it was.

It was a very sad ending.

Flying the flag at half mast, saying in TV condemning the terrorists, Bush talking from whitehouse saying terrorists has to be take care of, British PMs saying we will not give up democracy, UN seceretary asking people to be calm etc etc has become a habit nowadays.


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