A drama called election is happening in a state called Guajarat. Here people openly call the other person as murderer and ask people not to vote him to power. The other side doesnt seem to counter that but just goes on with other promises.

Not only congress but most of the medias are portraying one person as murderer but law cannot do anything.

It kind of makes the whole system look funny. Law which was introduced by weak to protect themselves from the strong became universal. But now the strong has found a way to make the law as weak so the purpose of law is defeated and only men with power either muscle of money, only can win.

If 1000's of weaks shout foul against you, you can come out winner with style as long as you are strong.

The tragedy is there are some who still have faith in law.

It's great to be so powerful that no body can touch us. Laughing heartily at the shouting minnows after a hearty meal and continue to do wrong against them.

Hats off to such guys.


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