Spitting Morons

If James Cameron had visited chennai before start of Titanic he would have chosen one of our chennaities to play the lead role instead of Di Caprio. He would have done this based on their spitting skill which they can showcase in the spitting scene in the movie.

Our loveable morons spit from all types of fast moving vechicles such as Bus, Lorry, Auto (Share included), bike, cycle, walking, train.

I could relate very much to Vikrams plight in the movie Anniyan when charlie spits on Vikram in the opening scene.

Today I had three such encounters and missed the gob of saliva everytime by few centimeters.

Vivek also makes fun of this attitude in one movie but our guys will laugh at that and spit and then continue the laugh.

These people are venomous than Spitting Cobras.


K Praveen said…
These are times we are reminded that we came only from uncivilized Gorillas..Hope this is not taken as racist comment!

Title should be Spitting Gorillas :)
Dan said…
this is considered as racist comments give me your address.
K Praveen said…
My address is,

Modhal Sandhu.

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