Its been quite sometime since I wrote something in this blog. There are more than one reason for that. Here I have listed them in no particular order.

1) Laziness
2) No one is going to read kind of thought
3) The place from where I used to access blogger and post articles has banned accessing blogger site
4) My home system got corrupted and ekalappai font is not working properly any more.

I have now found out that blogger itself provides an option to post in many Indian languages.Now so what happened during the period of absence, nothing but more people irritated me on the road. Today a mammoth Ford Endeavour was going before me giving no space to overtake. When the road is narrow I never attempt to overtake like other cool bastards who care damn about the width of the road when overtaking. Now there I have to take left turn and I was happy that atlast I will have the road free to myself for sometime but alas the Ford too turned in the same direction irritated me till the last point to my home. But that's ok the guy didnt drive rash.

Many IT guys now own car and today as I was returning home a red tata indica முட்டாள் drove like a serpent was inside his pants (I mean a real snake not the one you think). We also see Tata indica call taxi drivers drive rashly. Those guys are uneducated beedi guys. So what difference has education made? The IT idiot as well as the beedi wala both drive keeping their brains safely at their home.

On enough is enough here is a pic of Mena Suvari to cool down


niveditha said…
Hi Ramesh,
Hope you had a good peaceful Easter this time.
Please don't stop blogging, as there are quite a number of regular visitors and fans for your writing, including me :)
Anonymous said…
ezhudhunga ramesh..thodarndhu ezhudhunga.. neenga soolaradhu ellam nijam.

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