I saw Vellithirai last friday. I am a fan of Prithviraj after his Kana Kandein. The movie starts off well. It shows a struggling upcoming director (Prithviraj) and a guy who would liked to become a hero and only hero (Prakashraj).

The scenes which shows their desperateness are shot well. They are realistic. The movie takes downhill when it starts to go against what it preaches. The movie preaches that all movies should be realistic and nothing should be cinematic.

Once Prakashraj steals Pritviraj's story the story becomes highly cinematic. It shows Prakashraj becoming a heart throb with just one movie. He starts ignoring Pritvi.

There's a parallel story line about love between Pritvi and Gopika which is not that interesting.

Finally how Pritvi converts Prakash into a good man as well as achieves his dream forms the rest of the story. Though its innovative its highly cinematic.

I neither found it artistic nor commercial. But for Prithviraj and Prakashraj the film has nothing new to offer.


Kittu said…
i saw the movie too...yeah, not so catchy. beginning of the movie was nice but slowly, there was no clarity in the subject.
Beuls said…
"desperateness" => is this a new word?
(P.S. : try desperation)
Dan said…

tx for visiting.

I see desperateness is mentioned as noun in many sites !!!

but yeah desperation sounds right.
Beuls said…
Thanks for the info... I did look it up. You learn something new everyday huh? :)
Dan said…
Tx for visiting again

You learn something new everyday huh? :)

some days go blank too

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