Median Flags

Few days back two guys were knocked down in GST road in early morning hours when they were removing the party flags from the road median after their purpose was over. The lorry which knocked them down was not expecting anyone to be in the middle of the road at that time of the day. The flag which was being removed was of DMK.

After this incident there was not any message from the government in banning putting flags in medians. Ya what else can we expect from our sweet politicians.

Today when driving through OMR I saw DMK flags planted in yet to be completed medians. Few days back I saw flags of DMDK (Vijayakanth's party) planted in medians around Vadapalani.

What wrong with this? They spoil an already poorly constructed medians. they dont care whether its concrete median or not. They break it to put their fucking flag. The medians which are already the target of guys who wants to cross the road anywhere they want now is target by these flag planitng guys. Instead if they plant real plants it will atleast serve some purpose. This is pure common sense which is not displayed by the oldest politician till the latest politician.

After an accident also nothing is happening means its really pathetic. It will also defenitely cause problems to motorists. I dont think these flags are legal. Dont know why the traffic constable walla's dont remove these flags. Ya they are busy in collecting their mamul.

Solution - The solution could be top permanently put flags of these parties in medians. Strong posts with cement foundation the flags wont cause problem to any one. All party flags can thus be planted in all medians so these politicians can have a happy fucking smile on their face.


Kittu said…
i see your irritation through the F word. Yeah, these politicians give a shit for who is dying or who is having problems. All these party flags have become a big mess to the public. I hope these flags get banned totally. If they want to still host the flag, they can do on their own poles...

Tamilnadu politics should be given a hitler or an "anniyan" treatment. appadhaan konjam uruppudum..hmmm
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