Long time

Its been a long time since i posted something here. As i mentioned in one of the earlier posts they have banned the access to blogs in my working place so i dont get much time.

Traffic problem within chennai has only worsened with the statistics proving number of fatal accidents in chennai is the highest among the cities in India. Kudo's to the reckless driving of chennaites.

Last saturday watched Santosh subramaniam. A very clan entertainer. Jeyam Ravi is ery good. Its refreshing to see a movie without any heroism. Its a feel good movie. The songs and dances are awesome.

IPL is the talk of the town nowadays. I once used to be a follower of cricket now am struggling to get the same interest i used to have.

Dasavatharam songs and trailers has been released. The still which shows Kamal under water is awesome. Does Kamal have a winner in Dasa? We have to wait and see.

Given below is a picture which shows a campfire. I love such campfires where people dont barge into your privacy but let the conversation take its own course.

Picture courtesy : www.sungubala.com/mountain-activities.htm


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