In restroom I notice people who wash their hands, face turn water to its fullest. only 10% of the water that comes out of that tap is actually used.

The same job can be achieved by turning the tap only to the required amount. This way lot of water can be saved.

This happens not only here but wherever things are given for free. In long distance trains, in restuarants.

Assume if its your house and your only source of water is provided by corporation at specified time. Will you do the same? Or take the case of water we buy in cans, will we waste it as we waste the free water?

Whether its driking water or water used for other purpose, it will be good to see people use it judicially.

Now why do it write this post? Am i expecting people to change after reading this post? a BIG no. why? You can only wake up a sleeping person.


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