It is 6 AM in the city of chennai. The activities for the day are slowly starting. People get readyto face the wrath of Sun for another day. Summers in Chennai can become extremely unbearable. Unless you work in a company which is fully airconditioned or which is sorrounded by thick vegetation chennai's heat could take everything out of you except your life.

As the day progresses it is 11 AM and already the heat has hit the peak with a 38 Degree Celsius. It doesnt matter whether you are inside your home or right in the middle of the road the heat hits you irrespective of your location. Men and Women have gallons of water to quench their thirst. Animals suffer the most unable to cope up with the heat.

Heat wave rise from the ground and hits your face. Sometimes you feel like your face is going to tear away like a mask. The rich people surrender to the air conditioners but chennai power cuts doesnt let anyone to escape from the heat.

Last year it was a pleasent summer this time the weather has doubled up compensating for the last time it missed out. Summer rains which used to give some respite is nowhere to be seen. Why did GOD create a part of earth pleasent for living and another part extremely unbearable? To experience sahara one doesnt have to visit Sahara theres always Chennai.


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