Rash idiots

Back with another post on our own chennai drivers/riders.

The mantra for chennai riders/drivers is if you find a free unoccupied space put the front wheel/nose of your vehicle there immediately. It doesnt matter wat type of vehicle you are in. It could be a cycle or a lorry. It also doesnt matter where the space is whether it is oppsite direction, left, right, up down nothing matters. As soon as you find a space put your nose there.

What if your eagles eye has spotted an unoccupied space but a sensible driver before you blocks you and that free space?
Easy the vehichle you are in will have something called horn, honk it such that, if there is a pregnant lady around that spot should give birth right there. Now the sensible drive will give you space and you can catch your space.

A bunch of losers not more than 16 yrs old rule chennai roads now in the form of call fucking taxis. Not only they cause problems when riding they occupy alomost any vacant land for parking their vechiles too.

Tata helps them by manufacturing Indica. Now they help them further by coming up with Nano.


Anonymous said…
True !

All big it companies/ bpo four wheelers are in the road. No parking provided by these companies.. it bad than a t nager bus stand (eg: New taxi stand /road build near Accendos Tech park, near Sutherland office at velachary , tcs velachary)

Why this companies do this.. Let it guys walk few yards more to land on the call taxi? ,rather than step in to it from office..
let god help walkers and good citizens..

VS Balajee
Dan said…
Spot on.

Thnx for visiting

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