What should I do to increase the number of hits to my blog?

(a) I can blog something sexy or I can insert sexy words like bra, lingerie into my post as I am doing in this post. But that will make the women readers to say good bye to this blog as some of you are thinking right now. But people who will get redirected on search of such words will get irritated so much after seeing such posts that they will take a vow never to return to this blog.
(b) I should advretise about my blog and may be start some lottery prize every day for visitors
(c) I myself should visit my blog every few minutes.
(d) I should create a blog under a girls psuedoname and act as girl

I cant think of any other way. Please let me know if there is any other way. If I get 0 responses to this I will assume there is no other way.

Right now I just wish I was here (Courtesy:


niveditha said…
Your writing style in unique & fantastic in its own way.... you don't have to worry about visitors as we are always there...

Keep writing..! All the best !!
Dan said…
danke madam

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