There were times when I have thought that to escape from this pressurised life that I lead now it would have been better if I was jus a rag picker. Rag pickers dont care about future. Maximum they care about tomorrow. They dont plan 15 yrs ahead which we are forced to do. They have very minimal requirements when compared to our hopeless monthly spendings. But after reading an article in TOI chennai edition, I feel if I was a rag picker I couldnt have survived.

As we have peer pressure in any industry there seems to be peer pressure in rag pickers also. The article reports a rag picker has been found murdered and the reason they suggest is area problem. Though it is just rag picking it is harsh truth that people compete heavily in that field too. What a hopeless world.


Atlast DMK is thinking of kicking PMK out of its alliance. It has been pending long time. PMK which doesnt have strength of its own always piggy backs on AIADMK or DMK and keeps giving stylish statements daily.If it was JJ she would have kick PMK Supremo Ramadoss long time back. She wouldnt be tolerating such insults for this much time. MK atlast is showing signs of patience running out.

My only worry is PMK should not be accepted by AIADMK camp. PMK should compete coming election as an orphan with so many parties in foray it would vanish without a trace.


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