China pulled it off successfuly. China all while has been considered as a closed country. Country behind iron curtain. Now they have successfully completed Olympics in both conducting and winning. India cannot dream of this in another 50 yrs also.

Whenever we raise any issue in India they blame it on population. China being more populated than India atleast has couple of cities which are comparable to any western city. Now people will scream do you know people suffer a lot in china because of communism and they will say India is the largest democracy in the world. Hypocrites.

China is striclty controlling its population. We keep blaming population for everything and do nothing to control it.

Its so fucked up.


Balaji S Rajan said…

Well said. I think if there is any olympics race in traffic irregularity our fellows will win lots of gold. What do you say?
Anonymous said…
Even though China and India have population problems,
India's main problem lies in its diversity. Most chinese population follow the same religion, language, culture etc.
In India, we can't think of
imposing any rules to control population, which is contrary to some people religious beliefs, hope you agree.
Dan said…
hello balaji,

after long time nice to see you.
Dan said…
Hi Anon,

Thanks for visiting.

China infact has more problems with people not liking most of communist chinas rules, china also has diverese langauges etc.

In India we lack that zeal to move ahead thats the probs ... no one cares..

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