Saravana Store

As usual everybody now talks about building code violation, fire safety rules violation etc as if Saravana Stores was in Africa till the fire accident. Every aapeecer giving interview in dailies and TVs saying action will be taken for violations where were they till the accident? Will action be initiated against all government agencies which turned a blind eye till the accident happened? Everybody in tamil nadu knows there is a place called Ranganathan street and the street is encroached beyond what it can take. Even a small kid with its thumb in mouth will say that.

Few months back (i wrote about that too) there were pits dug along the same street with all safety rules thrown into air. This was done by the same government people who now say these stores violated the rules. Everybody will violate rules when there is no one to regulate things. So Saravan stores should not be held responsible for this mishap but all officers who neglected their duty should be taken to task.

Now Ranganathan street is not the only street which has violations almost 99% of the buildings violate all codes and norms. All these idiots will remain silent unless another accident happens. Same thing happened in Hotel Savera case too. After accident occured in the hotel people raised Hotel should have received some certificate etc. If accident never happened nobody would have talked about such certificate.

Not a single road in chennai confirms to safety rules who will initiate action agains those department heads? Bloody Hypocrites.

As Rajini says in Annamalai "நாமெல்லாம் பாவம் செஞ்சிருக்கோம் அதினாலே தான் இங்கே பிறந்திருக்கிறோம்"


Anonymous said…
Dany, there are three sorts of people (at least in Chennai).
- People who see things and just dont care
- People who see things and say 'ayyo paavam'
- People who see things and write it in their blog or talk about it with their friends.

There is no one who does anything to bring a change. These accidents are topics which people discuss in the road side tea shops. And it just stops there. Have you ever thought of doing anything to control this in India? If at any time, you feel that you want to do something, do put it in your blog and there will be many people to join you. All the best!
Dan said…
Hi Anon,

Thanks for visiting and commenting.

Agreed just by writing i m not doing much but i am talking about people who voluntered for this job and not doing things properly.

Unfortunately in our country only people with power can do anything. For ex even Sun TV is not able to stand against Azhagiri in Madurai.
Balaji S Rajan said…

I am glad that you could think differently than to be a silent spectator. This is defnitely a step to show that you care. There are millions like you waiting for a solution. There is no proper system. Again it is because of the attitude. If there are million like you, there are half a million who break every rule and standards and they are more powerful because of their wealth. They suppress those who raise their voice in order to keep their job going and increase the wealth. People like you have begun the war. It is great to know that you want a proper system and I am sue you will be the happiest person. I know you are one among those millions who wish to have them in order. Let us hope a day will come. We may not be able to see in our life time. If all those change their attitude and question and make others aware, this can happen quickly.
vaish said…
well written boss, i read about this when i came to chennai and felt same thing... didnt the govt ooficials never visited saravana stores before??? didnt they feel its violating??
may be they would have got free gifts!!!!!!
best part is ppl flocked in ranganathan street again after it was opened... no one even care for their life!!!!! i dont know whether to pity on ppl or to kaari thuppufy??
Dan said…
Thanks Balaji :) one day we might become anniyan :)
Dan said…
Welcome Vaish. read my next post some good things also happening
S.Srikanthan said…
My grand father was a sub registrar and he never took a penny as bribe in his lifetime. he doesnt even wear a chappal till we retired.

When ppl like him are here, we have some serpents who play mischiefs. Very disheartening

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