Kuselan News

I think I am running out of news or this is the only news right now in chennai. Again a news on Kuselan. Most of the magazines has written the movie is good and not bad. Magazines which wrote the movie is not good also accepted Rajini did a good job in this movie. Especialy one of the severe critic of superstar told that Rajini should be praised for doing such a movie though he has not fully appreicated the movie.

For me i didnt find any special acting of Rajini in this movie. He has done this in many of his films but just because they were commercial movies the performance was ignored.

So one thing which is clear from this is the critics are always wrong. If its from Kamal they will apreciate his worst performance also as the best. If its from Rajini they will call his best also as crap just because it is Rajini.

Kuselan could have been made better but Vasu missed a good oppurtunity.


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