Rajini & Politics

This is the third straight post on Rajini. I couldnt avoid writing about this as this is the much talked about news after Kuselan.

Rajini has clarified what he meant and everyone has become silent as if what he said has rectified everything. If we look at this issue closely the people who started this issue never had any real issue at hand. All they wanted was to create some tension and they did succeed in that. After Rajini regretted what he said they all went back as if things became alright after that. All I am saying is things were right, right from the begining these guys just made it look like a big issue and now gone into covers.

These people will come back again with another issue. They can't remain under covers for long time. It is not their style. They are now watching closely for another slip from anyone especially Rajini. The only solution for this is as Rajini said these guys should be nipped in bus otherwise it will be difficult to remove these guys and these guys will become unavoidable in elections.

Lets hope some better sense will prevail.


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