Kuselan - Review

First time saw a Rajini movie first day. It was quite unbelievable I got the tickets for the first day show. But in this age of 40 shows per day in single multiplex I think it is not impossible. First thing this is not a Rajini movie as project by the film crew. As conveyed by Rajini it is not his movie.

The first half shows Pasupathy struggling with his Barber shop and the happenings around his shop and happenings within his family. The story moves very slowly and there are few attempts by Vadivel to make us laugh.

Then enters Superstar the movie gains momentum and again drags back to Pasupathy.

The second half is a lot better than the first half. With almost all websites and magazines writing about Kuselan story no point in going through the story. The story is exactly the same with no big twists or anything. Its pretty straightforward.

Cinema Cinema song is good but I was disapointed with Om Zarare song picturisation I had lot of expectations for that song. Perinba pechukaran is good.

Nayanatara looks hot.

Rajini looks very handsome and debonair but he has very less scenes. I found the script lacked depth and found the movie one dimensional. Though the story has potential I found something was missing. Pasupathy was excellent in Veyil but in Kuselan he has done only 50% of Veyil.

Final verdict : Its a different movie but little slow. Will it be lapped by this generation people who are always restless is to be seen how this movie fares.


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