When we look at the bigger picture, it is interesting to note how tiny we are in this world. As a line is composition of infinite number of points, the world is composed of millions and millions (or crores and crores) of tiny individuals like us.

Some people might seem to be bigger but in reality they are also very tiny. Very few realise this but many dont. We brood over our problems day and night, try to accumulate as much as wealth as possible but there exist people who doesnt own a thing but still live peacefuly. People may argue that everybody has problems in their own scale but still their heart is not as loaded as others sufferers.

Days are rolling faster, there used to be a time when it will look like Diwali comes only once in a decade and when it comes it will come with a bang. But now it looks like just yesterday we had last diwali and here comes another one.

No one knows the bigger picture, thats why so much confusion.

Wish life was less sophisticated.


S.Srikanthan said…
Aasai thaan Maayai, Maayai thaan Aasai.

Ellam Maya Ellam Chaaya
S.Srikanthan said…
daniel, on a serious note, there are ppl who can change even a rigid mind like mine. I will kick them all when I come back :-).

As long as ppl pollute others mind, this will be the day to day stuff.

No one knows what are they going to do with all the money they accumulate.

As long as they don't donate, there is no use in earning.

GOD is watching and they are not rich in his blessings for sure.

May GOD bless us all

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