Saw this movie on Saturday. This movie is considered a cotnroversial movie because of some very open dialogue and also because of its theme.

Only after the movie was over I realised there were only 4 characters in the entire movie and it kept me hooked on to it for its entire run. Not a single dull moment. Though the ending was confusing because of which I felt little lost but still the movie was a very different experience.

After hearing things like this movie is about adultery and Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna was inspired by this movie I was expecting a striaghtforward movie on adultery not it is not so. Its not about adultery its more than that.

What good about Closer? The dialogues. The characters are very open and frank we sometimes find we will never react that way in real life.

You will not regret watching this movie go for it, if you havet watched it yet.


niveditha said…
Thanks for the review Ramesh. Will definitely watch it soon :)
Dan said…
enjoy the movie

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