Life is cheap

Life is beautiful might be the name of a very good movie but in chennai Life is cheap is the sentence more apt. I read in TOI believe it or not column that there was a law in england when automobiles were invented that a man should walk before an automobile with a redflag signaling the approach of such vechile. This is because people would not be aware of something like that and can get hit.

The west always takes more interest in the safety of its citizens. There used to be an advertisement in BBC about why 30. There are many roads in UK where the speed limit is 30. So the advertisement released in public care will show why it has to be 30. There used to be another advertisement which used to show the effect of drunken driving. The impact of the advetisement will not let you drive being drunk. Another one which educates about how careful one should be when joining the main road from a connecting road. Especially about bikes which might be coming at the edge of the road.

If one violates the rules there is only 1 in 100 chance that it will result in accident but they dont want that 1 accident to occur. They ram the rules into your head in such a away you feel thats the way of life. Because of which an unknown life gets saved. Mind it there are still traffic violators in west who make innocent people die. But the thing is their government tries, it tries very hard to save lives.

In our country, I read in TOI on the medan which was decorating chamies road resulted in numerous accidents. No one took measure to remove the accident causing median. Only after the media wrote about it the median has been removed now. But due to the lethargic attitude many lives where lost. They should have removed the median right before the first accident occured but they didnt do it even after many accidents occured. Such a callousness can be found only in our culturally rich chennai.


niveditha said…
Thanks for the post :)

You are absolutely right.. such things can happen only in Chennai and in India..
Anonymous said…
kubeer sirippu.. correctu ramesh neenga sollaradhu...correctu
Balaji S Rajan said…

I appreciate your comparison. I am glad that there are people like you atleast in Chennai, who could think differently. Nobody cares for life over there. People and Government do not understand the importance of life. Safety measures are very less. We never worry about accidents over there. Since you have lived here and now living in Chennai, you are able to appreciate. Did you watch the recent clash between students clip in the news in Chennai. If that is the kind of situation prevailing, we can understand about other things. I thought you would write a post about that incident.
Dan said…

I didnt write about it because I didnt see it though I got the clipping. It's way above my tolerance level so i left it without touching it.

tx for visiting and keeping in touch.
S.Srikanthan said…
Amma, pls dont see that. I didnt sleep for a single night. Horrow movie didnt scare me and affect me. But this did :-(

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