The Green Mile

I know I have mostly turned this blog into a movie review blog but I cant help it that too after seeing a beautiful movie. Writing this right after watching Green Mile a movie adapted from Stephen Kings novel. I havent read the novel so cant say which was better but I can say this much "The movie was awesome".

I have not been moved so much by a movie in a long time. This movie is the mother of all movies. Excellent cast + excellent plot (though a bit gloomy one) we have an excellent movie in hand.

Frank Darabont director of Shawshannk Redemption another novel by King has exelled again. The movie Dead Man Walking moved me a lot but this one is equivalent to 10 Dead Man Walking.

The cop who acts as the villain in this movie is one of the most despisable movie characters you will come across.

If this movie doesnt move you then there is something seriously wrong, not with the movie but with you.

Dont miss it!


S.Srikanthan said…
Rombha vettiya irukeengala ;-)
S.Srikanthan said…
Cool, I will watch it
Dan said…
i dont understand the meaning of first comment Srikanthan
niveditha said…
Yet to watch this movie Ramesh... the list of movies to watch is increasing day by day, with your reviews :)

Where is the next blog ??
Dan said…
posted Niveditha.
S.Srikanthan said…
onum ila Sir, chumma otinen. neenga thirumbha enna otiteenga :-)

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