Vaaranam Aayiram

Saw this movie last thursday. People call it a class movie here. These so called people categorise cretain people as class actor, class director. Anything done by these people will be categorised as class irrespective of the quality. Surya and Gautham being from such a group there is no surprise in people calling it class.

Positives first Sameera reddy looks good and the romance between Surya and Sameera has been captured well though it might defy any logic. We can enjoy all the silly things done by Surya.
The Dad Surya make up is excellent nothing like putting lot of wrinkled skin. With minimal make up he brings out the look very well. His body language is very well. He has not overacted. Some people might argue on the term oceracting lets leave it aside.

Negatives? - This director has tried to make this movie look like an epic on Fathers love but the movie doesnt convey it. The movie is more about the son and not the dad. Just that the son keeps saying "You are my inspiration Dad", "I love you dad" etc. There is not a single scene which shows the dads struggles or his love. The movie is like 3 or 4 independent movie woven together. The Surya - Sameera part, Two Kidnapping episodes and One on drug addiction. In none of these the dad plays a major role. The only inspiration the dad gives his son is tell the girl you love that you love her as soon as possible. The scenes which follow the death of dad surya are scenes which will make anyone cry but I find them cliched like playing with the death sentiment.

Also Guatham is still in the hangover of killing bad elements without questioning. Only change is this time the hero is a commando and kills terrorists instead of a polic cop killing gagster.

If you want to watch a movie on dads love watch Thavamai Thavamirunthu. Thats what I will call an epic. When you come out of Thavamai .. you will come out with a warm feeling. But when you come out of Vaaranam .. you feel like you have just visited a funeral house because of the overdose of the scenes in the end.


S.Srikanthan said…
Absolutely correct. I watched it here, except for the song, it has got nothing to offer.

Story is discontinuous.
Sharmila Valli said…
I watched the movie here in Malaysia and everyone I know loved it. When people think of father-son love everyone expects it to be like Thavamai Thavamirunthu where the dad's sacrifice is pushed down the throat of the audience like it has been done in countless Tamil movies of before. Here, the story is essentially the son's story and how the dad plays a part in it. The story is told from the son's point of view and how he sees things and the part the dad played in it. The dad has his share of sacrifices (the loan the had to take to pay for the son's admission fee; the money he had borrowed from the money lender) the only difference being it is not told in the movie, it is inferred because the focus is not on the dad but the son. Much more than sacrifice what comes through this movie is the special bond and love that the father and son share beautifully illustrated in the little vignettes of scenes between them two.

Like all movies, this is not without its fault. It could have been shortened by 15 minutes or so but on the whole a wonderful experiment in telling a story of parental love unlike anything done before in Tamil films.

By the way, the movie is very huge hit here in Malaysia. The only huge criticism that people have here is they wish that Gautham Menon could have included English subtitles so that non Tamil speakers too could have watched the movie. Despite the lack of subtitles, three Malay friends of a friend went to watch the movie (with my friend acting as a translator -- thank God for the many English words in the movie!) and they loved it.
Dan said…

my point is though it is said from son point of view, he keeps talking about his dad, my point is nothing is shown about dad, so ppl are not able to relate to why surya is talking about his dad so much.

again u say gautham didnt want to push it down our throat i am saying he didnt even show a glimpse of what dad surya has done for his son. it is like the sons own self propoganda about his life.

i saw this movie with a total of 15 people in the entire theater. first time witnessing such thing in Chennai.
Anitha said…
After watching this movie, I was wondering if I really liked the movie or not. The movie was good and the acting was perfect. But, it was not complete. Something was missing. Now, after reading your post, I get it. Even I was telling my friends about Thavamai Thavamirundhu being better than this. :) Perfect review!
Dan said…
kool antiha - ellame marmama iruku
S.Srikanthan said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
S.Srikanthan said…
Ellam Marmam ilai Ramesh

Ellam Maya, Ellam Chaaya!!
Anitha said…
Enna marmama irukku Ramesh? I don't understand. Am I missing something?
I had also posted a week back on the movie in my blog.. But now on reading Ramesh review, I understand that even my review is incomplete :( More to learn from Ramesh :)

Even i dint know if i liked the movie or not. But one thing is the way Surya expresses his love are enjoyable :) and ofcourse i have not seen thavamai thavamirundu still...
Dan said…
enna marmama irukunu therinjita ellame nalama irukum
niveditha said…
Enna Ramesh.. next article blog la eppo release panna poreenga?
well said dany. it is an out and out young surya movie wrapped under a story of a father. I loved the movie but as you say, there is literally no justification to carry the father figure of surya in our heart. Plus too many tied incidents were little overspiced to the screenplay i think. In a father + love epic, the terror or an army situation could be avoided.

Thavamai thavamirundhu did not have the commercial elements, but it is THE MOVIE that can stand worthy to worship a father.

Great analysis.

Dan said…
good to know we have similar views Kittu

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