Class Act

World over its always a serious roles that gets recognised as class act. In west mostly movies that deal with serious subjects such as WWII, AIDS, Holocausts etc will easily get nominated for Oscar but very rarely you will find a light movie getting nominated or recognised.

This is still more predominant in our country. What prompted me to write this blog is the way Nana Patekar is getting recognised for this role in Bommalattam. I dont have anything against Nana Patekar he is a good actor but his looks and mannerisms always goes well with only serious roles. And remember serious roles will be immediately recognised and he gets projected as the best.

Samething goes for Kamal Hassan, whenever Kamal does a serious role with an overdose of sadness it immedialty gets categorised as Class Act. His acting in other commercial movies are not compared in par with those movies.

My say is movies can be compared like that whether it had stuff in it or not but as far as acting goes the work involved will be same in both type of movies. Infact in a commercial movie its very difficult as the movie entirely depends only on the performance and not on the stuff in story. In a serious subject a highly mediocre acting might also be considered as Class act just because of the package around it.

If some actors are victims of being stereotyped as only good for commercial movies then dont forget that there is another set of actors who has been classified as only fit for art movies.


vaish said…
azhara mathiri nadikkarathu easy but sirikkira mathiri nadikkarathu kashtam... super Ramesh!!

i have always wondered why ppl call only Rajkiran, rajesh ivangellam class actors :)
S.Srikanthan said…
Rajni is the one and only!!
No one can beat him in any dept of acting
Dan said…
the thing is this is there in hollywood also but on a smaller and different scale compared to tamil cinema.

for ex - world war II or hitler will give you direct ticket for oscar nomination ..

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