Bloody spit

When you walk through the subway from Park to Central you can see lot of blood on the walls of the subway. Thats what I call the bloody spit.

After IT, Infrastructure improvements Chennai is no more unattractive to north indians There are people who raise flag when we split Indians into north and south the purpose of this post is not that. We can see many people from north in Chennai nowadays. Sometime back when you travel from Chennai towards north as soon as we cross Arakkonam everything will start to have a North or Hindi feel. It will be like moving into a different country altogether.

One distinct habit that you find common among many people in north is chewing Pan Parag. Tamilnadu has its own habit of chewing Betel leaves though its prevalent in south. Chennai though doesnt have this habit of chewing Pan or Betel it's people had the habit of spitting. With many people migrating to chennai in search of work in construction industry nowadays its common to see people from Bihar, Orissa in all suburban trains. Central station overflows with them. I am not against them coming here. The only thing about them that irritates me is their habit of chewing pan parag and spitting liberally all over stations platforms.

They, as a group, stand near the entrance of the coach hanging (mind it the train will not be crowded). At each station they keep spitting a huge quantity if disgusting saliva into the platforms. The difference between the locals and them is chennaites spit half a spoon full of saliva. These guys spit atleast 5 times more than a local.

With more and more people with such habit making chennai their home, its not long before when chennai will start to very bloody.


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