Delhi - 6

Saw Delhi - 6 last week. The movie has been torn apart by almost everyone. This movie is from the director if Rang De Basanti and people compared this movie to that movie and told nothing is there in Delhi - 6.

For Rang De Basanti was not a great movie but it was a good movie. Delhi - 6 again has lot of similarities to that movie. There's even the song delhi - 6 which resembles the Looose control in RDB.

In this movie too the director has taken a national problem, the hindu-muslim divide, and has tried to look at it from a different angle called "GOD is within everyone". The only problem is all this happens in the last 15 minutes of the movie and believe me till that point there is nothing. The movie just goes on and on with loads and loads of characters roaming around here and there.

The climax which too was similar to RDB has been changed for some reason to a positive ending. On the whole we should appreciate the director for the message and to some extent the way he chose to deliver the message too. But lack of depth spoils the show, which I feel happened in RDB as well.

On ARRs music he has this time restricted himself to some very Indian style of music.

The picutisation of the entire Time Square events are really cool, talks loads about the CGI work.


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