Srilankan Issue

I remember posting long time back on this issue but now again it has surfaced but now it looks like this will be over once and for all. I am not here to discuss what is right and what is wrong.

But this is one issue which has been misused by our politicians to a great extent. But all those politicians are still living but one guy has killed himself for this cause. What is the logic behind that? If he dies will everybody get afraid and stop war and live peacefuly? Its height of ignorance.

I read once "Dying for a country is good but its still more good to live for it" which can also be read as "Dying for a cause is good but its still more good to live for it". By living you can make many more things. If you die by some other reason its something not in our hands but suicide it hopeless.

The politicians who doesnt want to shade away from limelight are holding this issue on top of their head. If they get something else they will hang on to it in the name of justice. Its the common man who should be careful not to fall in their trap but in our country politics is full of bad elements we dont even have a choice.


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